New CD: Madrigalian Motets

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Just released! Quire Cleveland’s recording of “music that shouldn’t exist.” Madrigalian Motets from Jacobean England is now available. It features exquisite music by your favorite English composers, including William Byrd, Thomas Weelkes, Alfonso Ferrabosco, Jr., John Wilbye, and more.

During the reign of James I, the Church of England had no sanctioned Latin liturgy, and Catholic services were illegal. And yet a few scattered motets — sacred songs in Latin — survive. Some of these exist in only a single manuscript, which is missing crucial portions. Quire’s artistic director, the award-winning scholar Ross W. Duffin, gathered these pieces together, reconstructing the missing parts, and A-R Editions published them in 2006.

Now, the whole collection is available in this new recording by Quire Cleveland, conducted by Duffin. The composers — some of the best known madrigalists of the day — are heard here in music that basically shouldn’t exist. Don’t miss the opportunity to add these exquisite works to your collection.

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  1. Cantate Domino 2:50 Richard Nicolson (fl.1595–1639)
  2. Ego dixi Domine 2:41 Alfonso Ferrabsoco, Jr. (ca.1575–1628)
  3. Convertere Domine 3:06 Ferrabosco
  4. Laboravi in gemitu meo 5:05 Martin Peerson (ca.1572–1651)
  5. Miserere mei 3:46 Thomas Lupo (1571–1627/8)
  6. Ne læteris 2:47 Thomas Ravenscroft (ca.1582–1635)
  7. O nomen Jesu 2:48 Ferrabosco
  8. O rex gloriæ 4:38 Peerson
  9. Celebrate Jehovam 5:11 Thomas Tomkins (1572–1656)
  10. Homo natus de muliere 2:38 John Wilbye (1574–1638)
  11. In monte Oliveti 3:08 Robert Ramsey (fl.1616–44)
  12. Judica me Deus 1:38 John Mundy (ca.1555–1630)
  13. Laudate Dominum 2:56 William Byrd (1539/40–1623)
  14. O vos omnes 2:56 Thomas Weelkes (1576–1623)
  15. *Venite exultemus 3:32 Byrd
  16. *Vox in Rama 4:11 George Kirbye (d.1634)
  17. Cantate Domino 3:52 John Tomkins (1586–1638)
  18. Laudate Domino 4:06 Hieronymus Prætorius (1560–1629)

*These pieces (and others) are posted on Quire Cleveland’s YouTube channel.

You can hear samples of all of these pieces, and download them individually, at CD Baby.