Available NOW! The St. Matthew Passion by Richard Davy

Recorded live in concert in April 2017


Hope, confusion, agony, faith — through exquisite harmonies from the chorus and chant from the soloists, these intense emotions are beautifully conveyed. You will be moved by this early Renaissance setting of the 2,000-year-old story.

We know little about the English composer Richard Davy (ca.1465–1538). His setting of the St. Matthew Passion is the earliest by a known composer; it is preserved in the splendidly illuminated early-16th-century music manuscript, the Eton Choirbook. 

At the very end of the book is Davy’s St. Matthew Passion. Following the tradition of Passion performance in the Middle Ages, Davy’s Evangelist and Jesus sing their parts using Sarum chant for the Passion (according to the Rite of Salisbury, which was preferred in England up to the Reformation in the mid-16th century). The sayings of everyone else — the disciples, Cayaphas, Pilate and his wife, the rabble, the Centurion, and so on — are sung by the chorus in exquisite four-part harmony.

Soloists Owen McIntosh (Evangelist) and Jeffrey Strauss (Jesus) join Quire Cleveland, singing the Davy Passion in a period English translation by William Tyndale.

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  1. 1. Exordium & Preparations from the St. Matthew Passion 4:59 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  2. 2. The Last Supper from the St. Matthew Passion 4:04 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  3. 3. Mount of Olives; Garden of Gethsemane from the St. Matthew Passion 5:24 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  4. 4. The Betrayal from the St. Matthew Passion 3:13 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  5. 5. Trial by the Chief Priests from the St. Matthew Passion 5:00 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  6. 6. Peter’s Denial from the St. Matthew Passion 2:53 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  7. 7. Repentance of Judas from the St. Matthew Passion 2:58 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  8. 8. Trial by Pilate from the St. Matthew Passion 7:31 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  9. 9. Crucifixion from the St. Matthew Passion 6:03 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  10. 10. Death & Burial of Jesus from the St. Matthew Passion 5:05 by Richard Davies (ca.1465–1538)
  11. 11. Ah, Gentle Jesu 13:05 by Sheryngam (fl.1500)


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