Upcoming events

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds VII

Don’t miss this “cherished Cleveland holiday tradition” in its 7th annual event — great choral singers united in presenting seasonal delights. Carols for Quire VII explores exquisite choral music for Christmas from many lands and centuries.  Read more (1) »

England’s Phœnix: William Byrd

William Byrd was England’s greatest Renaissance composer. Hear why with this program of glorious motets and anthems, nestled around his magisterial Mass for 5 Voices. Read more »

Past events

Sing You After Me:
Wondrous Rounds & Canons

Sing you after me is a program of rounds and canons from the 13th to the end of the 19th centuries. Full of fun, interesting, and appealing music, it offers an enormous range of musical styles and textures.

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The Land of Harmony in Hudson

Meet us in “The Land of Harmony” — Quire Cleveland’s program of American music — to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Hudson. You’ll hear early versions of The Star-Spangled Banner,” “When Jesus Wept,” “Amazing Grace — as well as lesser-known but equally inspiring works.
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The Song of Songs: Choral Settings from Medieval to Modern
David Fallis, guest conductor

Quire Cleveland and esteemed guest conductor David Fallis present a special concert featuring the beautiful, evocative verses of the Bible’s Song of Songs. You’ll hear music by such masters as John Dunstable, Giovanni da Palestrina, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Heinrich Schütz, Edward Bairstow, and Healey Willan. Read more (2) »