Quire Cleveland makes life more harmonious by introducing audiences to choral music not heard in the modern era — including modern premieres of works newly discovered or reconstructed — breathing life into the music of our shared heritage. Through the human voice, Quire provides a vital connection to distant lands and ages past, revealing the timeless universality of this art. Under the artistic direction of Ross W. Duffin, Quire performs 9 centuries of a cappella repertoire.

Review: Quire Cleveland sing Davy’s St. Matthew Passion (April 9)


This past weekend, as the culmination of a three-decade labor of love, Cleveland scholar, professor, and conductor Ross Duffin conducted his reconstruction of 15th-century English composer Richard Davy’s St. Matthew Passion. Performances were given in Akron and Cleveland by Duffin’s own Quire Cleveland with Jeffrey Strauss and Owen McIntosh as the soloists. I heard the Sunday afternoon performance on April 9 at Historic St. Peter’s Church in downtown Cleveland.

Richard Davy was master of the choristers at Oxford’s Magdalen College in the 1490s. His, the first polyphonic Passion setting by a known composer, appeared in the Eton Choirbook, a physically large collection of motets with Davy’s Passion at the end. About a third of the contents have gone missing over the past five centuries, including portions of Davy’s work. Read more »

The St. Matthew Passion by Richard Davy

featuring guest soloists:
Owen McIntosh as the Evangelist
Jeffrey Strauss as Jesus

Among the most dramatic musical works from the early Renaissance is the setting of the St. Matthew Passion by the English composer Richard Davy (c.1465–1538). Preserved incomplete in the Eton Choirbook, it has been reconstructed by Quire’s Artistic Director, Ross Duffin, Quire sings it in English, using a translation by William Tyndale, Davy’s contemporary at Magdalen College, Oxford. 

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Preview: Radio Interview on WCLV 104.9 Ideastream

Click HERE to hear the entertaining and charming conversation between Bill O’Connell, program manager of WCLV 104.9 Ideastream, and Quire Cleveland’s artistic director Ross W. Duffin. You won’t want to miss these concerts!

Preview: Quire Cleveland to sing reconstruction of
Richard Davy’s Matthew Passion


Here’s a librarian’s nightmare: knowing what you should find between its covers, you sit down to examine one of the great sources of English pre-Reformation music, only to discover that one-third of its contents no longer exists.

It’s still a mystery why so many pages of the late 15th-century Eton Choirbook that contains Richard Davy’s Matthew Passion went missing. But this weekend, Northeast Ohio audiences can hear Quire Cleveland sing the complete work in a restoration by its artistic director, Ross W. Duffin.

Performances will take place on Saturday, April 8 at 7:30 pm at St. Bernard’s Church in Akron, and twice on Palm Sunday, April 9 — at 3:00 pm at Historic St. Peter’s in downtown Cleveland, and at 7:00 pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights. Read more »