Quire Cleveland makes life more harmonious by providing a vital connection to distant lands and ages past, through the human voice. Breathing life into choral music which may have lain silent for centuries, Quire reveals the timelessness and universal humanity of this art. Under the artistic direction of Ross W. DuffinQuire performs nine centuries of a cappella repertoire.

Preview: Quire Cleveland to explore American choral gems in two concerts

CWRU music professor Ross W. Duffin has made his name as a scholar in several fields, among them, fifteenth-century Franco-Flemish music, English music of the Jacobean period and the study of historical tuning systems.

Recently, though, he’s become fascinated with early American music, a subject he’ll explore with the professional singers of Quire Cleveland in “The Land of Harmony: American Choral Gems from The Bay Psalm Book to Amy Beach,” to be presented at Christ Episcopal Church in Shaker Heights on Saturday, April 5 at 7:30 pm and repeated at Historic St. Peter’s Church in downtown Cleveland on Sunday, April 6 at 4 pm. Read more »

Review: Madrigalian Motets CD

“So many scholarly publications reach library shelves only to remain there undisturbed that it is a positive joy to greet this recording of the A-R Editions 2006 volume with the same title. Few of these pieces are at all well-known and a third of them have required a degree of reconstruction but this has been convincingly done by Ross Duffin (editor of the music and conductor of the choir) and other choral directors need not be hesitant in following his performing path. In his note he concedes that the original performing forces would have been consort rather than choir and the venues domestic rather than ecclesiastical, but in their own terms these are very good performances. … This is a recording I will value, and not just because of the repertoire. The notes are excellent and there is much more information in the edition.”

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Quire on YouTube: 200,000+ in 190 Countries

Views of Quire Cleveland’s YouTube Channel broke the 200,000 mark just after Christmas, with hundreds more every day. They represent people in 190 countries, residing on all of the world’s continents (except Antarctica).

From Albania, Afghanistan, and Australia to Vatican City, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe — Quire is thrilled to reach people around the globe!

There are now one hundred videos available for your viewing pleasure. Whether you missed a concert or want to hear your favorites again, we invite you to enjoy!