Quire Cleveland makes life more harmonious by providing a vital connection to distant lands and ages past, through the human voice. Breathing life into choral music which may have lain silent for centuries, Quire reveals the timelessness and universal humanity of this art. Under the artistic direction of Ross W. DuffinQuire performs nine centuries of a cappella repertoire.

Review: Carols for Quire III at Trinity Cathedral

Quire Cleveland presented “Carols for Quire III,” its third annual pair of Christmas concerts, on December 22 and 23 in the grand and resonant surroundings of Trinity Cathedral. Directed by Ross Duffin, Quire aptly utilized straight tone vocal production to weave an elegant tapestry of the purest of a cappella sounds as they performed choral works spanning the 13th through the 21th century with stylistic authenticity, attention to detail and an eye to audience appeal.

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Portrait of a Quire

Before singing a single note, Quire Cleveland was photographed by the spectacular Beth Segal. The ensemble returned to her studio in October, where each Quirister had an individual photo session. The result: great new headshots for this website, as well as inimitable photos of the group.

Pictured above, left to right: bass Nathan Longnecker, tenor David Simmons-Duffin, soprano Judith Overcash, countertenor John McElliott, tenor Peter Hampton, baritone Jonathan Moyer, soprano Gail West, mezzo-soprano Debra Nagy, baritone José Gotera, artistic director & tenor Ross Duffin, soprano Sandra Simon, tenor Tyler Skidmore, executive director & mezzo-soprano Beverly Simmons, soprano Donna Fagerhaug, bass Ray Lyons, tenor Evan Bescan, soprano Lisa Rainsong, tenor Jeremiah Heilman, and bass Ian Crane.

Review: Quire Cleveland with Timothy Brown at Trinity Cathedral

In his extensive and chatty program notes, guest conductor Tim Brown noted that he chose his repertory for Quire Cleveland through something of a misunderstanding, but he went ahead with plans to “construct a program that would take Quire out of its more accustomed comfort zone, and into corners of liturgical music from the English choral canon that would carry us from the early 1500s up to the end of the 20th century”.
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Quire Cleveland scales the heights with guest conductor Timothy Brown

Quire in SolonWhy can’t the English teach their children how to sing? Evidently, they do so in droves. What else could explain the wealth of music for choruses that the country has produced over the ages?

There are many other reasons, including religion, as Quire Cleveland explored over the weekend at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland and Church of the Resurrection in Solon, where the ensemble performed “Musick’s Praier: The Glories of English Choral Music” under guest conductor Timothy Brown.
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