Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds VIII

Kick off the holiday season with this “cherished Cleveland tradition” in its 8th annual rendition — great choral singers united in presenting seasonal delights. Carols for Quire VIII explores exquisite choral music for Christmas from many lands and centuries.  This year, along with many favorites from the past, highlights include a lively ensalada with popular Spanish Christmas songs, and a setting of {…Click here for more.}

Monteverdi: Mantuan Masterpieces

Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643) was celebrated (and criticized) in his day for the way he portrayed expression & emotion in a revolutionary new musical style. If you love his iconic Vespers, you know how enchanting this music is! He’s known as a great Venetian composer but many of his most famous works were composed in Mantua. Among these {…Click here for more.}

Announcing Quire Cleveland’s 9th season: 2016–17

Thanks to YOU — our enthusiastic audience, generous donors, and outstanding musicians — for making Quire’s eighth season such a success. Now we’re thrilled to announce the concerts for 2016–17. Click on the program title for more details. Monteverdi: Mantuan Masterpieces September 30, 2016 Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Carols for Quire from the Old & {…Click here for more.}

Sing You After Me: Wondrous Rounds & Canons

Sing You After Me is a program of rounds and canons from the 13th to the end of the 19th centuries. Full of fun, interesting, and appealing music, it offers an enormous range of musical styles and textures.

England’s Phœnix: William Byrd

William Byrd is England’s greatest Renaissance composer. His sublime motets & anthems, nestled around the magisterial Mass for 5 Voices, will captivate & inspire you.  Byrd (ca.1540–1623) was a Catholic composer at a time when it was illegal in England. Yet he composed with apparent impunity, because of the esteem in which he was held by {…Click here for more.}