Hear My Voyce: Music of Henry Purcell

In his brief life (1659–1695), Henry Purcell proved to be remarkably prolific — he wrote 65 verse anthems, 100 hymns & sacred songs, 50 catches (some of them quite risqué!), 24 odes, nearly 200 songs, music for over 50 theatrical productions (the most famous is Dido & Æneas), and 220 instrumental pieces (but NOT the trumpet air for Masterpiece {…Click here for more.}

Music in an Italian Garden

You are cordially invited to launch Quire Cleveland’s 10th Anniversary Season with a gathering of great music enthusiasts in a beautiful private garden. There will be delicious late summer refreshments, as well as singing by members of Quire. You’ll have a chance to get to know us — up close and personal — and we’ll {…Click here for more.}

Announcing Quire Cleveland’s 10th Anniversary Season: 2017–2018

Having risen from the ashes of the Great Recession in 2008 — like a Phœnix — Quire Cleveland has flourished! We’ve offered concerts all around Ohio, lectures & classes, and videos viewed more than 675,000 times in 120 countries. We thank YOU — our enthusiastic audience, generous donors, and outstanding musicians — for helping Quire Cleveland succeed! {…Click here for more.}

Sing You After Me: Wondrous Rounds & Canons

Sing You After Me is a program of rounds and canons from the 13th to the end of the 19th centuries. Full of fun, interesting, and appealing music, it offers an enormous range of musical styles and textures. And the composers of rounds and canons may surprise you: Byrd, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven & Brahms are among the master {…Click here for more.}

The St. Matthew Passion by Richard Davy

featuring guest soloists: Owen McIntosh as the Evangelist Jeffrey Strauss as Jesus Among the most dramatic musical works from the early Renaissance is the setting of the St. Matthew Passion by the English composer Richard Davy (c.1465–1538). Preserved incomplete in the Eton Choirbook, it has been reconstructed by Quire’s Artistic Director, Ross Duffin, Quire sings it in English, using a {…Click here for more.}