Unless otherwise indicated, all concerts were conducted by Ross W. Duffin.
Unless by another writer, all notes © Ross W. Duffin. Please do not use translations without written permission (contact Quire here).


Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds IX: Carols of Yore
COMPOSERS: Robert Croo, William Byrd, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Franz Gruber, Johann Walther, Michael Prætorius, Johann Sebastian Bach, Guillaume DuFay, Roland de Lassus, Giaches de Wert, Eric Whitacre, Paul Mealor, Giovanni Bassano, Tom Lehrer, plus anonymous works from the 13th and 15th centuries.

Hear My Voyce: Music of Henry Purcell
Psalms and Anthems for the Chapel Royal by Henry Purcell (1659–1695), known as the Orpheus Brittanicus, for his prolific, harmonically adventurous, melodically lyrical compositions.

Music in an Italian Garden
A Garden Party to launch Quire Cleveland’s 10th Anniversary Season, with music that both looks back over the past decade and previews the concerts in 2017–2018.

The St. Matthew Passion by Richard Davy
The Passion according to St. Matthew by the English composer Richard Davy (c.1465–1538), from the Eton Choirbook, using William Tyndale’s English translation of the New Testament (pub. 1526). Also an Easter motet by Sheryngam.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds VIII
COMPOSERS: Christoph Thomas Walliser, Andrejs Jansons, Bartolomé Carceres, Jacobus Clemens non papa, St. Jean de Brébeuf, William Billings, Charles Wood, Gustav Holst, Peter Warlock, plus anonymous works, including an Abenaki noël, Mohawk hymn, Portuguese/African and 16th-century Finnish music.

Monteverdi: Mantuan Masterpieces 
Claudio Monteverdi’s Mass of the Most Blessed Virgin for 6 voices (aka Missa illo tempore) from 1610, plus his madrigals turned into sacred motets with Latin texts by Aquilino Coppini. Listen.

England’s Phœnix: William Byrd 
Mass for 5 Voices, interspersed with motets and anthems. Listen.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds VII 
COMPOSERS: Henry John Gauntlett, Giaches de Wert, William Walton, Richard Dering, Joseph Stephenson, Hector Berlioz, Ludwig Senfl, Andrjs Jansons, John Rutter, Guillaume DuFay, Cipriano de Rore, William Sandys, Jacobus Clemens non papa, Francisco Guerrero. Listen.

Sing You After Me: Wondrous Rounds & Canons 
COMPOSERS: Johannes Ciconia, Johannes Ockeghem, Antoine de Févin, Philippe Verdelot, Jean Mouton, Thomas Ravenscroft, William Byrd, Robert Ramsey, Orlando Gibbons, William Lawes, Johann Sebastian Bach, Thomas Arne, William Billings, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Ludwig van Beethoven.

The Song of Songs: Choral Settings from Medieval to Modern
David Fallis,
guest conductor 
COMPOSERS: John Dunstable, Francisco Guerrero, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Claudio Monteverdi, Henrich Schütz, Melchoir Franck, William Billings, Edward Bairstow, Ivan Moody, William Walton, William Sharin, Healey Willan, Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Orlando di Lasso, Hieronymus Prætorius. Listen.

Carols for Quire VI: Charpentier’s Midnight Mass for Christmas 
Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s Messe de Minuit pour Noël, interspersed with anonymous 17th-century French carols.

The Flower of Flanders: Masterpieces of Renaissance Polyphony 
COMPOSERS: Guillaume DuFay, Johannes Ockeghem, Josquin Desprez, Pierre de la Rue, Henricus Isaac, Jean Mouton, Jacob Obrecht, Antoine Brumel, Adrian Willært, Nicholas Gombert, Jacob Arcadelt, Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Cipriano de Rore, Philippe de Monte, Giaches de Wert, Roland de Lassus. Listen.

The Land of Harmony: American Choral Gems 
COMPOSERS: John Stafford Smith, Thomas Ravenscroft, John Playford, James Lyon, William Billings, Daniel Read, Lowell Mason, J. E. Spilman, Stephen Foster, O. W. Holmes/Matthias Keller, Patty Stair, Any Cheney Beach, Edward MacDowell, R. Nathaniel Dett, Dudley Buck. Listen.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds V 
COMPOSERS: Peter Wishart, Robert Croo, Kenneth Leighton, Jeremiah Ingalls, Elizabeth Poston, Charles Wood, John Tavener, Michael Prætorius, Herbert Howells, Paul Mealor, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, Henry Walford Davies, Thomas Tallis, Eric Whitacre, Franz Gruber, Gustav Holst, Peter Warlock, William Walton.

From Rome to Cleveland: Palestrina at St. Peter’s
Jameson Marvin, guest conductor
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina’s Missa Papæ Marcelli, interspersed with his motets.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds IV 
COMPOSERS: Guillaume DuFay, Richard Pygott, Jakob Handl, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, William Byrd, Michael Prætorius, Mathiew Sohier, Jean-Baptiste Lully, William Billings, Joseph Stone.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds III 
COMPOSERS: Richard Pygott, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, William Byrd, Claude-Bénigne Balbastre, Jakob Handl, Jennifer Conner, Gustav Holst, Henry Walford Davies, Herbert Howells.

Musick’s Praier: The Glories of English Choral Music
Timothy Brown, 
guest conductor
COMPOSERS: John Taverner, Thomas Tallis, Thomas Ford, Henry Walford Davies, William Byrd, Lennox Berkeley, Orlando Gibbons, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Edward Bairstow, Charles Villiers Stanford, Henry Purcell, William Harris, John Sheppard, William Mundy, Giles Swayne.

Lobet den Herrn: German Music for Quire
Scott Metcalfe, guest conductor
COMPOSERS: Johann Walther, Johann Heugel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Senfl, Johannes Eccard, Leonhard Lechner, Johann Hermann Schein, Samuel Scheidt, Heinrich Schütz, Johann Pachelbel, Johann Michael Bach, Johann Christoph Bach.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds II 
COMPOSERS: Orlando di Lasso, Fray Gerónimo Gonzales, Fabián Ximeno, William Byrd, Gustav Holst, Henry Walford Davies, Louis-Claude Daquin, Giovanni Gabrieli, St. Jean de Brébeuf, Michel Corrette, J. E. Spilman, Daniel Read, Michael Prætorius, Johann Walter, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds 
Peter Bennett, conductor
COMPOSERS: Orlando di Lasso, John Sheppard, Fray Gerónimo Gonzales, Fabián Ximeno, William Byrd, Thomas Ravenscroft, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, St. Jean de Brébeuf, Tomás Luis de Victoria, J. E. Spilman, William Billings, Daniel Read, Johann Sebastian Bach, Michael Prætorius, Johann Walter.

Flemish Choral Masterworks from Ockeghem to Lassus
Peter Bennett, conductor
COMPOSERS: Johannes Ockeghem, Henricus Issac, Josquin Desprez, Jean Mouton, Adrian Willært, Jacques Arcadelt, Nicolas Gombert, Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Cipriano de Rore, Roland de Lassus, Philippe de Monte.

Début Concert: Sing Joyfully
Peter Bennett, conductor
The Mass for 4 Voices
and other pieces by William Byrd, plus works by Thomas Tallis, Thomas Weelkes, Orlando Gibbons.