The Land of Harmony: American Choral Gems

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Meet us in The Land of Harmony, Quire Cleveland’s new recording of American music! It includes early versions of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “When Jesus Wept,” “Amazing Grace” — and much more.

Quire’s artistic director Ross W. Duffin has chosen music to delight and entertain you — from the 1814 version of our national anthem to the “Hymn of Peace,” sung by a choir of 10,000 (!) to mark the end of the Civil War. Also featured is music by William Billings, Stephen Foster, Edward MacDowell, R. Nathaniel Dett, Amy (Mrs. H. H. A.) Beach.

It’s available in this new CD by Quire Cleveland, recorded live in concert. Celebrate the Land of Harmony with this great music!

The Land of Harmony: American Choral Gems

    Star-spangled banner (1814)
     4:18 John Stafford Smith (1750–1836)
    Psalm 98
    (1640) 2:11 Thomas Ravenscroft (ca.1590–ca.1635)
    Psalm 23 (1698) 
    3:06 Ferrabosco
    The Lord descended (1761) 
    4:08 James Lyon (1735–1794)
    When Jesus wep’t (1770) 
    2:00 William Billings (1746–1800)
    The dying Christian’s last farewell (1794) 
    3:34 William Billings
    I am the rose of Sharon (1778) 
    4:02 William Billings
    Down steers the bass (1786) 
    3:48 Daniel Read (17571836)
    Modern Music (1781) 
    2:49 William Billings
    O look to Golgatha (1843) 
    3:45 Lowell Mason (1792–1872)
    Amazing Grace (1847) 
    3:084:55 arr. William Walker (1809–1875)
    Flow gently, sweet Afton (1857) 
    3:39 J. E. Spilman (1812–1896)
    Come where my love lies dreaming (1855)
     3:48 Stephen Foster (1826–1864)
    Hymn of Peace (1869) 
    4:04 O. W. Holmes (1809–1894)/Matthias Keller (1813–1875)
    Minuet (1903) 3:07 Patty Stair (18681926)
    Through the house give glimmering light (1897) 2:54 Amy Beach (18671944)
    So sweet is she (1916) 
    3:52 Patty Stair
    The Witch (1898) 
    2:38 Edward MacDowell (1860–1629), writing as Edgar Thorn
    Don’t be weary, traveler (1920) 
    6:11 R. Nathaniel Dett (1882–1943)
    Hymn to Music (1877) 
    6:01 Dudley Buck (1839–1909)


View these pieces (and others) on Quire Cleveland’s YouTube channel.

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